The translation of the software user interfaces begins. Anyone can join in the translation. You can add a new language, or update and correct existing translations.


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There are two translation related components available. One of them allows you to switch between and display different languages. The other one allows you to translate efficiently.

The first translated software was Black NotePad which this description is based on. In case of other software, the only difference is the access to the languages menus and the name of the translated file.


languages menu


You can find the option to switch between completed language versions and the translation component at Others – Languages. If you select Custom, the original English names are copied next to the Black NotePad launcher file with the blacknotepad-lang.txt file name. You can start translating from the Translate menu.

If you select Custom, the program interface is displayed according to the blacknotepad-lang.txt file. The translation can be stopped and resumed any time.


translator app


The translation component allows you to perform various searches, and you can also edit and keep track of the translation. The green icon shows which language elements were modified. You can select an already translated language version in the Base menu. This allows you to correct or complete an existing translation.

If you are done with the translation, please send the completed language file, and I’ll make it available for the program.


  1. There may be parts of the program that are only rarely or never displayed based on your settings. Translate only those language elements that are always available for you on the program interface. It is really important not to create a word for word translation but one that conveys the correct meaning.

  2. Don't be discouraged if the text to be translated seems too much. You don't necessarily have to translate everything. If the menus and setting options of a software’s most important windows are translated, it creates a very good user experience. You or someone else can continue the translation any time.

  3. While you are translating, it is worth setting the software’s display font size to maximum. In case of Black NotePad it is size 12, in other software it might be different [e.g. "Classic Font Style"]. If the software allows it, set font style to bold. This way you can make sure that the translated text fits the buttons, menus, etc.

  4. If you translate a software which requires activation, ask for a free translator’s key.

  5. If your translation is published, I’ll send you a 500-day extended key. If later on you correct or complete the translation, I’ll send an upgraded key. You also get the key, if it is not required for the software. The extended key activates each software.

  6. In most cases, the translation is immediately valid. In rare cases, you might have to restart the software for the validation.


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You can translate:

  1. Black NotePad
  2. Classic Color Panel
  3. Win10 All Settings