Microsoft removed the option to change Windows 10 system font settings from Build 1703. Since then, visually impaired users and those using high screen resolutions run into serious problems with the readability of the displayed text.


font changer icons


WinTools.Info made three utility software available, which still provide access to appropriate system font settings:

  • System Font Size Changer
  • Advanced System Font Changer
  • System Font Bold

The operation of the software is based on the fact that Microsoft has only removed the settings interface from the system. The system font attributes set are still interpreted properly by the operating system. The system font setting tools of Wintools.Info are basically alternative setting interfaces, which can be used in place of the removed setting interface.



1. System Font Size Changer grants access to the most important settings in the simplest way. It is recommended to users who want to achieve results fast with a few simple settings on a clear interface.



2. Advanced System Font Changer can set all the attributes of system fonts. It requires a little more attention than the previous one. It includes more options, the most important of which is desktop icon spacing.



3. System Font Bold complements the general system font size settings of build 1809 of Windows 10. It displays each font category in bold.