Advanced System Font Changer

System Font Size Changer

The elements of the font size changer software family provide different options for setting up Windows 10/11 system fonts. The software can significantly improve the readability of the text displayed on the screen.


font changer icons


Previous versions of Windows offer minimal options for setting up system fonts [Win7, Win8]. This option was removed from currently supported Windows 10 versions. Windows 10 still contains some settings that affect system fonts to a certain degree, but the user experience usually isn’t very good.

In fact, Microsoft has only removed the user interface of the system font setting options. The system still includes the necessary components (probably for compatibility reasons).

Microsoft provides no official support for font setting options. Due to the lack of official support, developers of user and other software don’t treat system fonts uniformly.

The new versions of the font size changer software family have different methods for modifying system fonts than previous versions, and they also contain other significant developments:

  • No restart needed to apply changes
  • Profiles
  • Hotkeys
  • Language interface
  • Several restoration options
  • Scrollbar size setting

A new element of the font size changer family is Desktop Icon Spacing. This software allows you to set the space between desktop icons without having to restart.

The software in this software family was mainly developed for the Windows 10/11 operating system. Based on tests conducted in January 2021, they run properly on Windows 7 and 8 operating systems as well. Versions published after January 2021 will not necessarily be tested for Windows 7 and 8.