Easy Window Invert visually changes the display of windows. By using the software, you can significantly increase the user experience. It allows color-blind as well as visually impaired users to use the computer.


easy window invert 1


easy window invert 2

You can use Easy Window Invert to create dark mode for software that does not have a dark mode. If there is an annoying contrast difference between the active window and the rest of the screen, it can cover the distracting parts of the screen using a hotkey-activated background panel.

In a multi-monitor system, you can set one of the screens as an inverted screen. In this case, the windows you want to invert may appear on the selected screen. The other screens still allow normal display.

Easy Window Invert carries out display changes by using various color filters. Each color filter replaces certain colors with other colors based on their own settings. You can also use custom color filters. The software provides several options for setting custom color filters.

Easy Window Invert supports Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.


easy window invert

Version: | Date: 2023-04-14 | Download | MD5: 43ea692d0b9b70c78ac84306de805240