Conventional computers provide some basic information with the help of LEDs. Modern computers often lack these LEDs or they are not in a clearly visible place. AddLEDs replaces or supplements them by means of software.


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AddLEDs displays the state of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys and provides information on network and disc activity with the help of icons. Each of these information has its own tray icon (“Virtual LED”) which indicates the given state in an informative way.

These icons can be grouped in any way and their display can be enabled or disabled. The state of the given key can be changed by clicking on the icons displaying the keyboard’s operating mode. The state of the keyboard can also be queried and switched in the menu. State change from any source results in a short sound signal if it is enabled.

AddLEDs can also be set up to start with the operating system (Autostart). The sensitivity of network activity can be chosen from five levels. The display of the program can be customized by selecting icon profiles.


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The “Reset All” menu restarts the program with default settings. Options are designed in a way that leaves at least one icon enabled. Therefore, the program’s menu and settings are always available. If, as the result of an error, no icons are displayed upon starting the program, a default window makes it possible to carry out appropriate settings.

Advantages of addLEDs:

  1. Replaces or supplements information LEDs which are missing or not clearly visible in an informative way
  2. Provides a software option for the state change of the “Lock” keys
  3. Short sound signal when there is a state change of “Lock”
  4. Autostart operating mode
  5. Several display modes
  6. Doesn’t require installation
  7. Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11
  8. Free to use


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Version: | Date: 2023-03-17 | Download | MD5: 9a91ad0492356a4c2eefcc366677e18f