The explorer.exe process carries out essential tasks on Windows operating systems. Under certain circumstances, it may be important to stop and restart the explorer process. This is usually not a simple task, as there may be multiple explorer processes running at the same time.


restart explorer advanced


In case of various abnormalities, performance, security or stability issues, it is also useful to display the operation of explorer process(es) in different ways. The Restart and Monitor explorer.exe software contains these functions within one application:

  1. It displays the number and CPU load of the system’s various types of explorer processes by groups.
  2. It kills explorer processes by groups or custom selections.
  3. It displays the CPU load of each group in graphs.
  4. It displays currently running and already killed explorer processes in a sortable table form. It marks priority items.
  5. It enables auto fake process kill.
  6. It can also run in the background.
  7. Doesn’t require installation.
  8. Free to use.
  9. It supports Windows 7/8/10 operating systems.


Version: | Date: 2019-11-20 | Download | MD5: 65e43820f79fbdbc92c8e166db8e3a33