Simple System Font Changer allows you to adjust the system fonts used by Windows 10 and 11. The software significantly improves the readability of the text displayed on the screen.


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Simple System Font Changer is part of the WinTools.Info font size changer software family. This software also allows you to adjust system fonts, although it works differently to the other software.

This software provides greater compatibility and easier management compared to other members of the software family. The disadvantage of the software is that you have to restart the computer to apply the settings. Using Simple System Font Changer is recommended when:

  1. Other font size changers do not work properly on your computer.
  2. You find other font size changers too complicated to use.

The software in the font size changer software family uses the same activation key. This means you do not need to purchase a new activation key if you want to switch to another font size changer program.

When first starting the software, a WindowMetrics.reg file is created in the startup folder. Make sure to save this file by copying it to a place where you store your important data. You can use this file to restore the display of fonts if necessary.

Current settings can be exported and then imported on another computer. When exporting, only the font names are included in the export file. Imports are only completed once the appropriate fonts have been installed on the computer.


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Version: | Date: 2023-04-19 | Download | MD5: 53f6ecf5e3b2387ae155e10896e8e965