Advanced System Font Changer

System Font Size Changer

The software is not installed, so it isn’t displayed in the list of installed programs. As it is not installed, removing it just involves not running the software anymore and restoring the default display if necessary.

Disable the autostart setting, close the software and delete the exe file from your computer. Then you should restart the system.

Restoring the default display

1. The software is designed to restore the default display when it is closed.
2. If the display is not restored, use the Advanced menu - Restore Fonts and Restart PC.
3. If the display is still not restored for some reason, use the WindowMetrics.reg file that was created upon first startup, and then restart the computer.
4. If you don’t have the WindowMetrics.reg file, you can use the file available in the Advanced menu - Save Generic Restore File. Be careful with this option. Results are satisfactory in most European languages and their variants. It restores their default font, Segoe UI with the original 9pt size. If you use one of the following languages, you can download the generic restore file here. The brackets contain the name of the font for the language in question:


Bengali       [ Nirmala UI ]
Hindi   [ Nirmala UI ]
Japanese   [ Yu Gothic UI ]
Korean   [ 맑은 고딕 ]
Chinese Simplified   [ Microsoft YaHei UI ]
Chinese Traditional   [ Microsoft JhengHei UI ]


5. If you have any other problems restoring the display, use the system and data save that you created before running the software according to the terms of use.