The software has a Multilingual User Interface. The translation component can import the Advanced System Font Changer language file. After importing, only 30-40 items need to be translated.

Saving and importing the Advanced System Font Changer language file:

  1. Download and start Advanced System Font Changer
  2. Languages - Translate
  3. Base - Your language
  4. advchange-lang.txt language file is in Advanced System Font Changer folder
  5. Start Simple System Font Changer
  6. Languages (Flag) - Custom
  7. Languages (Flag) - Translate
  8. Import
  9. Open advchange-lang.txt language file

I am happy to receive translations in all other languages​​ as well. You can find help with translating the software here.

Thank you for the translations.

Version: | Date: 2023-04-19 | Download | MD5: 53f6ecf5e3b2387ae155e10896e8e965