When first started, System Font Size Changer offers to save setup-related registry data. It is strongly recommended to create and keep this backup. By using this, the default system font size can be restored any time. It is a small, 5kbyte file named WindowMetrics.reg.


System Font Size Changer Set Size


There are six font categories at the top of the window. You can always choose one from these. The increase value added to the default size can be modified by using the slide. When checking the Bold checkbox, the given font becomes bold, otherwise it is displayed ordinarily. Size and Bold data have to be given for each font category to be modified. The current data for all the six categories are always displayed on the left side.

If the values are appropriate, settings can be applied with the Apply button. Data are saved to the appropriate location, but settings are applied only after the next log-in. The program offers the Log Off option to do this.

The current settings can be saved any time with the Export button. This is suitable for backup, as well as for creating and porting profiles.



Version: | Date: 2020-02-29 | Download | MD5: 5f5eb28070f4ba1837d01300816a31d3