Advanced System Font Changer offers the option for safety backup at its first startup. It is important to create this backup and store the WindowMetrics.reg file, as this allows you to restore the default view.

The detailed values of fonts related to the six view categories can be set on the Font tab. Only one category can be selected at a time. Setting changes have to be performed separately for each category, if necessary.


Advanced System Font Changer Change tabChange tab


One of the most significant options on the Advanced tab is to set the relative horizontal and vertical distance of desktop icons. The setting of the selected items can be performed using the displayed slider. The available minimum and maximum values are shown below the slider, as well as the default value used by the system. The currently set value is shown next to the selected item. The setting options for scrollbar and menu views are shown below the icon setting options.

All changes in the settings are listed on the Change tab and can be activated with the Apply button. After saving the settings, the Apply prompts the option to Log Off, which is required to validate the changes.

The Default button sets the default view settings defined by Advanced System Font Changer

The Export button allows saving the settings to a file. By downloading this file, the current settings can be restored any time or transferred to another computer. NOTE: the Export applies to the settings stored in the system and those that are currently used.



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