The operation of URL Blocker is based on a method described in several articles on the Internet. In essence, certain URLs can be blocked by properly editing the “hosts” file in the c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ folder. URL Blocker edits the contents of this file in an appropriate manner and it also includes other services.

As the file mentioned above is a system file, editing it requires the program to be run with administrator privileges. The program does not perform any other system-level operations. It is safe to run it as administrator.


URL Blocker - UACURL Blocker - UAC


When first started, the program saves the contents of the existing “hosts” file as “hosts.urlBlockerSave”. This is important for any possible future restore.

The URLs can be entered in the text box located at the bottom part of the program. After pressing the Add button, there is a syntax check. If the format is appropriate, any “https://” and “http://” parts are removed and the data entered appears in the list. Any amount of data can be entered.


URL Blocker - AddURL Blocker - Add


It is important to note that the “” and the “” formats are two different URLs and in a given case both versions have to be entered.

The checkbox shown before the lines in the list can be used to select each element. Multiple elements can be selected at the same time. The selected elements can be deleted by pressing the Delete button.


URL Blocker - DeleteURL Blocker - Delete


The settings can be applied by pressing the Apply button. The program offers the Log Off operation. After logging in, the blocked URLs are not displayed anymore in the Internet browser.


URL Blocker - ApplyURL Blocker - Apply


The valid settings can be saved into the “Url.Blocker” file by pressing the Export button, and they can be loaded with the Import option. After the import, the settings also become active after performing the Log Off operation.


URL Blocker - Export/ImportURL Blocker - Export/Import


The Restore option restores the state before the program was first started, and the Default option loads the original (after Windows install) value of the “hosts” file. After these operations, the previously set values disappear, so it is practical to create a save first with the Export option.


URL Blocker - Restore/DefaultURL Blocker - Restore/Default


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