If you decided to activate the software, you can purchase the required key on this page. The key you purchase is valid for one year [or three years, see 3.] from the day of purchase. After paying for the key, you get the key in email.

After paying, you will get the key within a few minutes in most cases. In some cases, there can be a one-hour processing time. This is mostly due to the overload of the payment service and web shop provider. If you don’t get the key within 24 hours, please write an email from the email address you used for the payment, and I’ll handle the issue.

Further information

  1. Only activate the software, if you got convinced during the 30-day trial period that the software is right for you.

  2. The key you purchase provides full, unlimited use of the software for one year [or three years] after the day of purchase. The software will warn you few days before the expiration date. Then you can decide to reactivate it. If you don’t want to activate the software at that time, you can always do it later. The activation period always starts on the day the key is purchased.

  3. You can buy a three-year key for $19.95. If you are using an old version of the software, please update it to the latest version! If you buy a three-year key, you don't need to buy a one-year key! Please use this link to purchase your three-year key.

  4. Consider how many computers you’d like to use the software on. Set the appropriate quantity when you purchase the key. You can get various discounts depending on the quantity purchased. After the purchase, you’ll get a key which can be used to activate the software on the selected number of computers.

  5. The key contains the expiration date. Therefore, keys can’t be combined. The key always expires on the expiration date whether it was used or not.

  6. The key entitles you to activate the software on as many computers as you set during your purchase. Purchasing the key doesn't entitle you to anything else.

  7. Keeping the key safe is your responsibility. In case of misuse, the key will be revoked without notice.

  8. If you set the time on your computer manually, or it is set to some special value, you may not be able to activate the software. In these cases, switch to automatic time update or use the software on a computer which meets these conditions.

  9. If you chose a payment method which requires you to provide your email address, make sure to provide the right address. If you provide incorrect information, you won’t receive the payment confirmation or the key you purchased.

  10. If none of the payment methods are available for you for some reason, please send me an email.

  11. Make the purchase only after reading, understanding and accepting the conditions.


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