Easy Window Invert can change the display of a rectangular area on the screen. In most cases, the modified area is a software window.

By default, the display of the active window is changed. You can enable the grouping of windows on top of each other. A group is created when the other windows are within the area of the largest window. The groups can even include the windows of different software. In case of grouping, the display of the windows under the active window is also changed.

Group items must be present in the cache. In other words, only windows that have been previously analyzed and marked as a window to be modified after analysis can belong to the group.

If the user moves a modified window on the screen e.g. with the mouse, the display returns to normal mode. After the window stops moving, the display will be changed again. If the user opens the menu of a window with a modified display, the display also returns to normal mode. The Ctrl + Shift + F7 hotkey can be used in this case.

If a window is displayed in full screen mode, grouping still works, and additional visual options are also be available. The annoying display changes mentioned in the previous paragraph are eliminated.

The inverted screen available in multi-monitor systems technically functions as a full screen group.

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