1. Easy Window Invert changes the display of windows afterwards. Its use is recommended for software that do not have adequate visual settings.

  2. As it is a tool with subsequent results, the end result will not be perfect in some cases. Easy Window Invert does not fix or supersede visual setup deficiencies in the operating system and/or user-run software.

  3. Proper use of the software requires certain settings. Knowledge and use of hotkeys is particularly important for this software. You can change hotkeys here.

  4. If you notice that the display of a window wasn’t changed, use the Ctrl + Shift + F6 or the Ctrl + Shift + F7 hotkey.

  5. Easy Window Invert can visually modify a single rectangular screen area. There are several ways to determine the size of this screen area. The default settings are appropriate in most cases. It is only recommended to change the settings marked here if the size of the visually modified screen areas on your system is not appropriate.

  6. If the visually modified area appears intermittently on your system, change the "Filter Refresh" value. Using the magnifier can also cause intermittent display. You can disable the magnifier here.

  7. If you are using software that includes a color filter, do not start Easy Window Invert.

  8. If you have changed the display using Windows system settings, be very careful! If you are using or have used other display changing software, do not start Easy Window Invert.

  9. If you change a custom color filter, save the setting only if it offers you the correct display.

  10. Set the Autostart mode only if the color filters you are using offer you the correct display.

  11. Easy Window Invert allows you to turn the operating system's built-in dark mode on or off with a hotkey. Due to Windows internal processes, this is often quite slow. Easy Window Invert has no impact on this speed.

  12. Settings - Advanced - Filter Delay: Delaying when the color filter is turned on or off. When you use a computer, it is common for several active window changes to happen in such a short period of time that the user does not even notice it. The delay eliminates unnecessary filtering activities and the annoying flickering that accompanies it.

  13. The file containing settings may get corrupted and an error message is displayed when it starts. In this case, delete the subfolder of the affected software in the c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\WinTools.Info folder.


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