Integrity Downloader monitors the clipboard. When a valid URL arrives to the clipboard, the analysis process starts. The program queries the file’s last modification date from the server, executes required URL redirections and shows the results. If there is a redirected URL, redirection history is displayed which can be copied to the clipboard. Then the download can be started.


main panel


Each download is displayed in a new panel where you can monitor the download process. The amount of data downloaded is displayed on a progress bar, while actual data rate is shown on a graph. After the download is finished, there is a short sound signal and then the type of checksum corresponding to the settings (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256) is displayed at the bottom of the panel.


download size4SHA-1


Next, you can visit VirusTotal where the results of the downloaded file’s analysis are displayed (if it was already checked). The program creates the standard checksum file corresponding to the downloaded file, which enables an integrity check anytime with an appropriate program (e.g. Total Commander).


tc verify checksumsTotal Commander - Verify Checksums


If the name of the file to be downloaded is already in use in the directory, a unique file name is generated by adding a serial number. During the download process, the file name is complemented by an .idl extension which is deleted only after the download is completed. This method enables distinguishing between the complete downloaded file and the file fragment.


system tray filedateSystem Tray - File date


system tray hashSystem Tray - Shorted SHA-256


The most important data are also displayed on the tray icon in an abbreviated form. You can set up to display this information as notification too. In this case, sound signals correspond to the actual Windows sound settings (Control Panel - Sound), so they can be modified or disabled accordingly.


tooltip filedateFile name, size and date


tooltip hashFile name and SHA-256


Integrity Downloader supports command-line operation, so it enables a more efficient cooperation with suitable programs:

integritydl.exe URL

When there is a command-line call, the program works based on the URL received as a parameter in line with previous settings.


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