Integrity Downloader operates in the background, monitoring the clipboard content. If a valid "http" or "https" URL is copied to the clipboard, it queries the response headers from the server based on the URL. After getting the response headers, it displays the most important data related to the URL (file size, last modified, content type, redirect). The data of every successful query appears in the URL - Latest menu.

Based on the response headers, it determines the filename. If this is not possible, it determines the filename based on the URL. If this is not possible either, it randomly generates a filename with the extension "random", then it determines the referer based on the URL. Both the filename and referer are changeable.

Upon starting the download, it shows the current amount of downloaded data and the download speed. The progress of the download can also be tracked based on a graph, which can be accessed from the upper-right toolbar.

Once the download is complete, it determines the checksum based on the downloaded file, then it retrieves the results of VirusTotal scans, which are displayed in a simplified manner with the colour of the VirusTotal icon in the lower toolbar:

  1. Green: All scan results are OK.
  2. Orange: All scan results are OK, but the scan is not up to date.
  3. Red: The scan is very out of date and/or at least one scan indicated a security risk.

There is an option in the Checksum menu to repeat the VirusTotal scan if necessary or to update the displayed VirusTotal info. A repeated scan that is started from the Checksum menu depends on the current load of VirusTotal and may take several minutes.

After a successful download, the data appears in the URL - History menu, and there is an option to add the download to the favorites. Subsequently, if a request for a URL present in the History or Favourites elements is received, the checksum type, referer, and filename will be determined based on the saved data.

If the current URL corresponds to a Content Type of text/html format, the software offers to scan links from the referenced page. The scanned links can be accessed in the URL - Scanned menu. Whether or not links can be scanned successfully depends on the server settings and the encoding of the page in question. If necessary, links can also be scanned using another method from the URL - Scan 2 menu.

Mass URL scanning is also possible from the URL - Scan from clipboard menu. The scanned URLs appear in the URL - Scanned menu. URL scanning is possible from text segmented by delimiter characters and from HTML source code.

Due to security considerations, Integrity Downloader can execute only one download at a time. If a new URL arrives from the clipboard or command line during a download, it will be added to the elements of the URL - Skipped menu.


Version: | Date: 2024-03-15 | Download | MD5: 585aa1211fd58891e4e2ea84f75305ce