Integrity Downloader has three operational modes:

  1. Manual mode: It does not monitor the clipboard, and only manual operations are possible.

  2. Event-driven mode: It monitors changes to the clipboard. This operational mode is highly recommended. If you use a clipboard manager, you may experience minor problems in certain cases. If your computer does not fully support this operational mode, switch to Manual or Polling mode.

  3. Polling mode: It continuously polls the content of the clipboard. Use this mode if your computer does not support the Event-driven mode. In Optimized mode, it only checks the clipboard content when the mouse or keyboard are in use.

operating mode
Operating Mode [Settings - Advanced]

If you use Event-driven or Polling mode, certain antivirus programs may flag it as a security risk due to the clipboard monitoring. If you receive a security notification, switch to Manual mode. If you do not trust the software, refrain from using it and delete the integritydl.exe file from your computer.

In each operational mode, command-line usage is possible as follows:

  1. integritydl.exe URL
  2. integritydl.exe "URL"

If the URL contains spaces, always use the second format.


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