1. Integrity Downloader is not installed on your computer; rather it is an executable (portable .exe) file. If you wish to remove it, exit the software, and delete the integritydl.exe file.

  2. Integrity Downloader can only display the VirusTotal scan results of files that have previously been analysed by VirusTotal.

  3. Before initiating downloads, you have the option to select SHA384 and SHA512 checksum types. These are not compatible with VirusTotal. The SHA384 and SHA512 checksum types cannot be set as default.

  4. Due to security considerations, Integrity Downloader can execute only one download at a time. If a new URL arrives from the clipboard or command line during a download, it will be added to the elements of the URL - Skipped menu.

  5. If you use Event-driven or Polling mode, certain antivirus programs may flag it as a security risk due to the clipboard monitoring. If you receive a security notification, switch to Manual mode. If you do not trust the software, refrain from using it and delete the integritydl.exe file from your computer.

  6. The file containing settings may get corrupted and an error message is displayed when it starts. In this case, delete the subfolder of the affected software in the c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\WinTools.Info folder.



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