main panel
Integrity Downloader


main panel settings
Settings menu


main panel others
Others menu


main panel redirect history
Redirect history


system tray menu
System tray menu


settings main


settings download
Download panel - Settings


download size1 progressbar
Download - Size 1


download size1 md5
Download - Size 1


download size2 progressbar
Download - Size 2


download size2 sha1
Download - Size 2


download size3 progressbar
Download - Size 3


download size3 md5
Download - Size 3


download size4
Download - Size 4


download size5
Download - Size 5




list contextmenu
List - Context menu


download multiple files 1
Download multiple files


download multiple files 2
Download multiple files


system tray filedate
System tray - File date


system tray hash
System tray - Short hash


tooltip filedate
File name, size and date


tooltip hash
File name and SHA-256



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