Managing colors and fonts

Black NotePad has two permanent and five user-definable color profile settings. Based on these, text display can be changed any time. In addition, using the Font Color and Back Color menus other colors can be set and saved too, if required.

Color buttons

The currently displayed colors can be saved to the storage space with the selected number using the Save Color menu. The appropriate button of the main menu changes accordingly to the corresponding colors, and after this the stored font and background colors can be loaded with this button any time.

Font buttons

There are three font settings, using buttons A, B and C. Fonts can be saved and loaded as described above.

Default colors and fonts can be restored using the Default menu. In this case, user-defined values are overwritten and the default settings of the program replace them. Naturally, these settings can be changed at any time. This function does not affect any other settings.

Windows integration

Black NotePad is ready for full-scale Windows integration. Using the Copy/Paste clipboard operations and the Drag and Drop function, it can exchange data with other applications. It can also be integrated into Windows Explorer.

Black NotePad - Default

By right clicking a .txt file and choosing the Open With command, Black NotePad can be selected and set as default as well. Naturally, it can be set as default program for other text file formats too (E.g. ini, html, css).

Black NotePad can be set as default editor for Total Commander in Configuration > Edit/View settings.

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