Detailed functional description of the software by tabs

Start/Stop tab

The software basically divides explorer processes into three groups: main process, other process and fake process. Basic data, as well as kill and start options are displayed on this tabs grouped by process types.

CPU Usage tab

It displays CPU usage by process types in graphs.

Current tab

It displays the data of all running explorer processes in a table. The table can be sorted by clicking the column header. You can display further information in the context menu. Selected processes can be killed.

The rows of main and fake processes are marked in the table. Those rows are also marked, where some data couldn’t be retrieved. Unknown data are indicated by "???”. The usual reason for the data retrieval issue is that the given process is killed during processing. Another reason may be that the given process is running with admin rights, and the software has insufficient rights to query.

Stopped tab

A table similar to the previous one, which contains the data of already killed processes.

Settings tab

It enables you to configure basic software settings.

Advanced tab

Options recommended for competent users only.


Version: | Date: 2019-11-20 | Download | MD5: 65e43820f79fbdbc92c8e166db8e3a33