The software can have a system-level impact on the functioning of the computer, which may lead to data loss in case of inadequate competence. Lacking the appropriate knowledge, don’t use this software.

restart explorer admin modeAdmin Mode!!!

Don’t launch an explorer process in admin mode. The software enables you to do this, and it can be useful in certain cases. In case of admin mode, a warning message appears in the title bar. However, if you launched an explorer process in admin mode, immediately restart your computer after performing the task.

If you notice any abnormalities, you don’t understand or trust the software, close the software, delete the restartexplorer.exe file from your computer, and restart your computer.

Be sure to read this before using the software. Carefully study and consider the data displayed by the software. Make your decision on the next task on that basis. Use this software at your own risk!


Version: | Date: 2019-11-20 | Download | MD5: 65e43820f79fbdbc92c8e166db8e3a33