Download Managers

  • Firefox Download Tool

    The Firefox Download Tool is used for downloading different versions and language variants of the Firefox Internet browser. By default, the software always downloads the most recent version; however, selecting older versions versions is possible as well. Furthermore, the tool can be used for selecting the language variant of Firefox and deciding between the 32-bit and the 64-bit version.


    Firefox Download Tool

  • Integrity Downloader

    Integrity Downloader is an internet file downloading program that prioritizes security aspects. Using it can significantly reduce the security risks associated with downloads.


    integrity downloader

  • upToDate Downloader

    With the help of upToDate Downloader, an Internet-based file downloader, the elements of a download list can be continuously kept up to date. The program can update large amounts of files downloadable from the Internet (e.g. installation programs, drivers, media files etc.) in one step.


    uptodate downloader

  • Windows 10 ISO Download Tool

    By using Windows 10 ISO Download Tool, all the currently available versions of Windows 10, including the different language versions, can easily be downloaded from the Microsoft server. The program makes the Windows 10 installation kit available in an ISO standard image file format. During the development of Windows 10 ISO Download Tool, in addition to creating efficient possible applications, adopting fully legal methods was also an important criterion. Warning! This software is no longer supported.


    Windows 10 ISO Download Tool