Colors and Appearance

  • Black NotePad

    Black NotePad is a plain text editor program. It carries out similar tasks to Microsoft Notepad while significantly supplementing and exceeding its functions. An essential function is the option to easily switch between display modes.


    main menu and tabs

  • Classic Color Panel

    Classic Color Panel (CCP) is a utility that complements the system-level color adjustment capabilities of Windows 10/11. It allows you to make Windows 10/11 color settings, including non-public settings, on a user-friendly interface.


    classic color panel

  • Easy Dark Mode

    Easy Dark Mode is a useful utility software which facilitates the setup of Light and Dark display modes available in Windows 10/11, and enables quick switching between them.


    easy dark mode

  • Easy Invert

    Easy Invert visually changes the display of the entire screen, and the software significantly improves the user experience. It also allows color-blind as well as visually impaired users to use the computer. You can use Easy Invert to create dark mode for software that does not already have one.