netgraph desktop 2
White Theme


netgraph desktop 3
Black Theme


netgraph desktop 4
White Theme


netgraph desktop 5
Black Theme


classic graph mode white
Classic Graph Mode - White Theme


classic graph mode black
Classic Graph Mode - Black Theme


mode graph
Graph Mode


mode two

Speed Mode - Bar and Speed Mode


mode one
Total Speed Mode - Progress Bar Mode


mode minimal
Minimal Vertical, Minimal Horizontal and Minimal Graph


tray icon default
System Tray Icon - Default


tray icon menu
System Tray Icon - Menu


tray icon activity
System Tray Icon - Network Activity


tray icon download
System Tray Icon - Download


tray icon upload
System Tray Icon - Upload


tray icon total
System Tray Icon - Total


average level
Average Level


netgraph mainmenu
Main Menu


menu network usage
Network Usage


netgraph ping


netgraph network info one
Network Info 1


netgraph network info two
Network Info 2



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