The Process Panel provides access to information related to the given process, and enables various process actions and settings to be executed. Apart from many other features, the Settings Panel enables setting the Process Panel startup values. Most of these can be set via the corresponding Process Panel, this does not affect the rest of the Process Panels.


process panelProcess Panel



process panel advancedProcess Panel - Advanced


In case of the Process Panel, Advanced On means that neither Process Kill, nor Timed Process Kill will ask for confirmation, and the action will be carried out immediately. Turning on Advanced mode is recommended in exceptional cases only.


process panel kill
Pricess Panel - Kill and Timed Kill


The Group menu is available if there are more than one processes present for the given process name. The Group Kill/Timed Kill actions are valid for all processes of the same name. All the elements of the group can be added to S8 Graph provided the group is made up of max. 8 elements.


process panel group
Process Panel - Group - Timed Kill


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