main panel settingsSettings menu


Settings – Start/Stop: enabling/disabling program activity (clipboard monitoring)
Others – Close Windows: closes the windows except for the downloads in process
Others – Copy Redirect History: copies redirection history to the clipboard when there is redirection


settings mainSettings


Settings – Options – Main Panel
Auto Hide: hides the panel after starting the download
Skip Directory: doesn’t notify about URLs that point to directories
Redirect Level: the extent to which the program can manage redirections can be set
AutoStart: the software starts with the operating system
Reset All: resets all settings to default except for AutoStart and restarts
Upgrade: loads the settings of the previous version (if there is any) and restarts.


settings downloadDownload panel - Settings


Settings – Options – Download Panel
Original Date: saves the downloaded file with the original date
Add Checksum File: after downloading the file, it creates a checksum file with the same name and an extension corresponding to its hash type
Download Form Size: the size of the download panel, it can be resized anytime later on



Version: | Date: 2020-03-16 | Download | MD5: 17a8361b51f9c1ae41160a5008c02a2b