Easy Invert can be used on Windows 10 versions that feature the built-in colour filter. This function was introduced first in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Those using Windows 7/8 or an older Windows 10 version can also invert the colours on their screen. For this, they need to start Magnifier. The easiest way to do is to use the combination of the Win and ‘+’ buttons. The following settings are needed:

  1. Views: Full Screen
  2. Zoom 100%
  3. To activate/deactivate colour inversion: CTRL+ALT+I




After this you can minimise Magnifier to the Taskbar and you can toggle the display mode by the key combination CTRL+ALT+I. Of course this method is less sophisticated than using Easy Invert but it can be useful if needed.

Version: | Date: 2020-01-09 | Download | MD5: 448b7dc15c68d2c8404c5c392e53016f